Is It Abusive?

As a therapist I see so many different types of people. Whether I see individuals, couples, families, or teens, relationships are brought into the counseling sessions. In all of these circles one thing comes into my office, pain and people. So many times it is very clear to me, but not to the person sitting on my couch, that either they are not being treated right, or they are not treating someone right. Many times when we talk about relationships people think our partner, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or sexual relationships. Many times family, friendships, co-worker, and neighbor relationships are not thought of. A relationship can be toxic without it being romantic or sexual. I will talk about other types of relationships in future blog posts. Today I am going to focus on Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence. Below is an image that shares 8 warning signs before violence starts. Too many times we ignore the warning signs. The first one is in box 1. The intensity sign. It is very
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